Sunday, February 23, 2014

Obsessed with Figure Painting

Twist 24 x 48 (sold)

Seated Woman, Yellow Background 30 x 48

Blue Seascape, Seated Figure 24 x 36

Ocean View Figure 24 x 48
So, it's true.... I'm obsessed with figure painting. In fact it consumes me and I have to make myself stop thinking about it so I can get my regular painting done. In my free time I look at figures online and read the stack of figure painting and drawing books by my bed. I took my first life drawing class in my early twenties and then again last year. I have to say that it made a lot more sense later in life (maybe because I was paying attention to the teacher this time around). It's taking time, but finally I have a collection that I feel comfortable enough with to take to the High Point Furniture Market and we'll see what the buyers think. In the meantime please enjoy my obsession.


  1. love these figures! I think they are very interesting and must be a fun change from landscape! :) Loved your work at the Collective in Berkeley. Any advice for artists new to California? Cheers-Elissa

  2. Hi Elissa, Where do you live... a great way if you're new here is to attend local shows and get to know other artists in your area. There are a lot of organizations you can join that are good for networking and can help you get your work into shows.

    1. I am in Gilroy... I have joined a few local groups. Thanks for the tips. :) cheers!