Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Studio and Gallery Space

The before photo

I'm so excited about being able to share my paintings in a new studio and gallery space. 
It's in Petaluma in the Southpoint Lofts and open by appointment. 720 Southpoint Blvd. Space 203
 Visitors are welcome and can email me to come for a look.

Here's how it happened: 
When my family's San Francisco furniture showroom closed over the Summer I had the luxury of 5000 sq. ft. of storage space for art, shipping supplies, framing and files. Now that we have a tenant I tried to fit it all in with my home studio and suddenly had to shimmy through the front door to get into the house.
During all this moving I visited a friend from the Petaluma Arts Association at her class room and glass art studio. I couldn't believe what I saw and that there was an available space down the hall. Two days later with the help of my family we made an art studio and gallery space. The kids helped paint the walls and my husband took care of the heavy art desk.
It's been a dream to be able to paint and display the art in one space. 
The studio is open by appointment and I welcome you to visit.