Sunday, November 18, 2012

Art filled Thanksgiving

City with Gold 40 x 30

Morning Sun 18 x 18
Drakes Bay 20 x 10

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
This year as most we'll celebrate with our families coming together and enjoying each others company. What will be different is that my art studio is located in the center of our home. A six foot art table covered in paint will serve as the buffet (I have a table cloth) and the bookcase filled with mediums, paints, matting materials and brushes will decorate the wall along with my paintings ready to ship to the next show in Atlanta.
I met a nice woman at open studios who when I told my house is taken over by art and painting supplies. She said "You're so lucky. I hope you're family appreciates it."
I have to say I appreciate my family for living in a house filled with art and I hope my guests will too.

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