Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loving the City

City Shine by Linda Donohue 40 x 50

City Life by Linda Donohue 48 x 36
Happy to be home from North Carolina and the furniture market that was over the end of April I am now recovered from sleepless nights painting for the show and during the show. Next time I will work smarter and bring more art with me instead of painting at all hours in our little apartment in High Point.
I love getting feedback from shows like this and seeing what people are interested in. I was surprised to find so many designers loving the abstract cityscapes. It's nice to be able to expand on the seascapes and work with more detail in the horizon line. Here are two new paintings, both in larger sizes.


  1. Exactly how I like acrylic to be used! Abstract in at it's best ...the sunny, dreamy quality of your cityscapes and seascapes.

  2. I love your abstraction!)))

    many thanks

  3. Thanks so much Kathleen and Valentina.