Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Nights in Santa Rosa

Friday night will be my first time showing at the Summer Nights Art and Wine Festival in Santa Rosa. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and showing my art. The weather should be beautiful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

ArtClick Marketplace: LindaDonohue I love painting ...

ArtClick Marketplace: LindaDonohue<!--StartFragment--> I love painting ...: "LindaDonohue I love painting and love to experiment with color and texture. It is a true joy in life that I hope comes through in my art. ..."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview from Fine Art Finds
For the past few weeks, I’ve been scouring the internet for new and inspiring artists.  These paintings  by Linda Donohue immediately caught my eye. I found her work on Etsy, my favorite place in the whole wide web!  There is an immediate impression that you get from viewing Linda’s work that tells you she is happy when she is making it, whether it is an abstract landscape, or an equestrian study, the underlying theme in her work is joy.
1. How long have you been painting?
I’ve been painting all my life, but just started seriously selling my paintings 1 1/2 years ago.
2. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your work?
My inspiration comes from my surroundings. I live in beautiful Sonoma County and draw ideas from the coast and rolling hills around me. I also ride horses and love to paint them too.
3. What steps did you take to turn making art into a business?
 I run my family furniture business and started by painting with my children during the holiday breaks. I put some up on the walls and to my surprise they sold. Then I heard about Etsy and started my shop. The first six months I didn’t know what I was doing and then once I figured it out my sales really began to grow. I’m connected with a couple of galleries in the SF Bay Area that sell my work and through my wholesale furniture line have been able to sell to some of my existing dealers.
4. What advice would you give someone looking to “make it” in the art world?
My advice to someone looking to make it is to follow what inspires you. Usually the paintings that make you feel good and that you love others will love too. Expand in those areas and leave room to experiment as well. Then you will be fresh with new ideas and have reliable ones to give you stability. 
5. Do you have a favorite artist who’s work inspires you?
 I love to look at the art on Etsy and I have several favorites. I like Linda Monfort, Michelle Daisley Moffitt, and Christina Romeo. I like Michelle Oppenheimer’s watercolors (not on Etsy) and Bernie Weston’s plaster and pigment abstracts.
6. Do you use any other online sources to sell your work besides Etsy?
 I am currently signing up for Zatista and hope to be up and running soon. Otherwise it’s through galleries, furniture stores, my own showroom/gallery and Etsy.
7. Do you have any other creative hobbies, or interests?
 My other hobbies and interests are that I have a great supportive family, I ride horses and garden and design a line of decorative accent furniture that I wholesale across the country and in Canada and Mexico.
You can view Linda’s full line of work in her Etsy shop: lindadonohue

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Paintings For June

June has been an exciting month with longer Summer days and finding a little more time to paint. There has been a lot of inspiration to draw from looking at the beautiful Spring clouds in the sky and green rolling hills of Sonoma County where I live.

Here are some of the new abstracts that are shown on Etsy . One was purchased this morning by HGTV's  Secrets from a Stylist tv show which will air in September.

Upcoming Summer shows include:

-SF Etsy Team Show 
July 16th 12-5pm Shawna Stoney Showroom.
July 24, 2011.

-Summer Nights Santa Rosa Railroad Square 
First Friday's during the Summer

-Art Show and Benefit for COTS Committee on the Shelterless
August 28th Shawna Stoney Showroom/Gallery

-Art in the Park, Walnut Park Petaluma Saturday and Sunday 
September 11th &12th

-Dressage in the Wine Country Saturday
September 17th Santa Rosa